Laser Teeth Whitening Dublin

Laser Teeth Whitening Dublin Special Offer

South Dublin City Centres Premier Exclusive Clinics €99 Not €250

Grafton Street & Ballsbridge

Laser Teeth Whitening at Dublin Vitality Centre® Ballsbridge and Grafton Street offer successful teeth whitening treatments designed to create a whiter brighter smile within 1 hour. The exclusive Naturally White™ laser teeth whitening system is ideal for those with previously bleached teeth who wish to freshen up the colour without exposing the teeth to harsh acids and bleach. It is the ideal teeth whitening system for those who want a whiter smile within 1 hour but who wish to achieve a natural realistic look whilst preserving the health of the teeth.

  •  CE approved laser light emits safe filtered light
  •  100% non acidic Naturally White™  Teeth Whitening Gels.
  • Qualified teeth whitening technicians
  • 8 – 12 Shades whiter in 60 minutes

If you are looking for teeth whitening that offers a natural result and that will not cause pain or damage to your teeth then Naturally White teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Centre® Ballsbridge and Grafton Street are for you. We  are located in South Dublin within the exclusive Premier Suites building on Merrion Road (opposite the RDS).  We care about your overall health, not just the colour of your teeth. That is why we use only the most advanced CE approved teeth whitening products to achieve excellent whitening results.


Have your considered teeth whitening but were concerned about sensitivity and dental complications? If you have always dreamed of a whiter smile but wanted to ensure your teeth and dental health are not affected, you have found the perfect treatment. Dublin Vitality Centre® Ballsbridge and Grafton Street bring you a new and exclusive teeth whitening method known as Naturally White™ laser teeth whitening . Our teeth whitening technicians have undergone years of dental training and have been providing laser teeth whitening in Dublin since 2009.  At Dublin Vitality Centre® Ballsbridge and Grafton Street our treatments are delivered by qualified Irish dental nurses. Through years of vigourous research, the Naturally White™  teeth whitening system has been selected as the perfect balance between results and preservation of the enamel. This is the only teeth whitening system to combine the benefits of non acidic gels with cold filtered laser light under the expertise of fully qualified dental nurse therapists.

Dublin Vitality Centre® Ballsbridge and Grafton Street are South Dublin City Centres Premier teeth whitening  clinics. We have been providing teeth whitening in Dublin for many years. Our teeth whitening practitioners are certified dental nurses with many years of experience.   

Skin Appointments At Dublin Vitality Centre® Ballsbridge and Grafton Street , we provide an extensive list of skin anti-aging treatments. You may book an appointment with an expert skin specialist during your teeth whitening treatment. Advance booking necessary. We work with the most advanced skin treatments to ensure excellent results. That is why Dublin Vitality Centre® Ballsbridge and Grafton Street are South Dublin’s premier teeth whitening, detox and skin care clinics.


Ask what qualifications the teeth whitening clinician has. Qualifications vary greatly. Dental nurses train for 2 years and are qualified to work in a dental surgery. They are trained to sterilise and to manage a dental space professionally.
How Often Are Gels Changed? Teeth whitening gels have a life span during which time they are active. You must leave the product on for a certain amount of time after which time it is ineffective. Teeth whitening gels work in a similar way. The best teeth whitening results are achieved after 15 – 20 of exposure to non peroxide gels. If the gel is left for longer and not changed, unfortunately, there will be no additional whitening results.  Always ask if the teeth whitening gels are changed regularly. If they are not, you will not get the best teeth whitening results in Dublin.
The Natural Colour of Your Teeth: Blue white teeth are considered to be the very whitest colour possible. But not everyones natural colour is blue white. Some peoples teeth are ivory and cream. Generally, the natural colour of your teeth (without stains) matches the white of your eye. So by comparing those 2 colours, you can gauge what result to expect.
Regardless of your natural teeth colour, if have been drinking tea, coffee, red wine, Guinness and smoking nicotine, then without a doubt your natural tooth colour is effected by discolouration. It is important to note that the natural tooth colour cannot be changed. Stains can be removed to reveal the very best and whitest teeth colour possible, but you cannot change what you were born with or what has been inherited over generations. In much the same way, we cannot change eye colour.

Laser Teeth Whitening Dublin Special Offer

Dublin Vitality Centre ® Ballsbridge and Grafton Street are South Dublin City Centres Premier Exclusive clinic with a special offer of  €99 Not €250 now on.

We uses the advanced Naturally White™ teeth whitening system so you can be guaranteed to experience no discomfort, no pain, no sensitivity, no damage and no aches after or during Laser Teeth Whitening treatment.

Dental Nurse Teeth Whitening Clinicians

Dublin Vitality Centre ® Ballsbridge and Grafton Street employ fully qualified dental nurses to perform teeth whitening. Dental nursees train for many years in the area of oral healthcare. Therefore they are qualified to deliver excellent teeth whitening treatment. Naturally White™ Teeth Whitening treatment offer natural looking results for those who are seeking whiter fresher looking colour without damaging enamel.

Qualified Dental nurses teeth whitening dublin
Dental Nurse teeth whitening dublin

How White Are Your Teeth Naturally?

How white Are your Teeth

Have you ever wondered how white your teeth are naturally?

Take this easy to test to get an idea of what results you may expect from the best teeth whitening in Dublin.

  1. Take a hand mirror and closely examine the colour of the white part of your eye. Be sure to stand in natural light. Best is to be on front of a window.
  2. Next smile at yourself in the mirror and examine the colour of your front teeth (incisors) and your side teeth (canine). You will notice a difference in colour between these two sets of teeth. The canines will be darker.
  3. Compare the colour of the white part of your eye to the colour of your whitest tooth. You will  achieve a result which matches the white of your eye to your whitest tooth. The darkest tooth will become as white as the incisors are before teeth whitening.

High Quality Teeth Whitening Dublin

Teeth Whitening Dublin South city centre

Dublin Vitality Centres® exclusive Naturally White™ Laser Teeth Whitening treatment is available at a state of the art clinic on Merrion Road in the heart of Dublin 4. This treatment is for people who know that some things should always be selected for quality over price. Naturally White™ has been developed by qualified teeth whitening experts with many years experience . This treatment has been selected above any other to offer the best possible natural looking results without bleach, damage or sensitivity.

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 Laser Teeth Whitening in Grafton Street, Dublin2

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Best Teeth Whitening Results Dublin

Since its inception Dublin Vitality Centre® has earned a reputation for high quality treatments by professional trained experts. Many treatments available at Dublin Vitality Centres® are exclusive to them in Ireland. That is why Dublin Vitality Centre® can boost a high profile client base or returning customers which includes celebrities and other well known people who appear often in the public eye. They trust Dublin Vitality Centres® exclusive Naturally White Laser Teeth Whitening to give them a beautiful natural looking smile and so should you. It has been said that Dublin Vitality Centre® Ballsbridge and Grafton Street achieve the Best Teeth Whitening Results in Dublin.


Top Tips For Whiter Teeth at Home

  1. If you are getting married remember that teeth will look whiter in photographs once they have been whitened.
  2. For the whitest smile and to show off your freshly whitened teeth, invest in some matt beige or brownish lipstick. Do not wear blue/purple tones in your lipstick as this makes teeth appear more yellow.
  3. Baking soda is used to abrade away stains. Brush it onto your teeth and feel the fizz whiten away your stains.
  4. Some people swear that crushed strawberrys make teeth whiter.
  5. Brides, be careful to choose a dress colour that is more ivory than your teeth. If you wear a dress that is whiter than your teeth, your smile will look yellow and stained. That means no matter how white your teeth are, they wont look white compared to a blue white dress. So be sure to make a note of your teeth when choosing the dress. A dress that is just one shade more ivory than your teeth will show off your beautiful smile best.


  • Qualified Dental Nurses
      • Exclusive Clinic on Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, also Grafton Street
      • Naturally White™ organic teeth whitening
      • Excellent Results
      • Comfortable booth
      • Celebrity following and client base
      • Qualified Irish Dental Nurses
      • Free parking