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best teeth whitening Dublin After Wearing Braces

The best teeth whitening Dublin Wearing Braces After Braces come off, leave a few days before ungoing laser teeth whitening Dublin and then enjoy your beautiful new straigher, whiter, perfect smile. Ideally, human teeth would line up as neatly as the keys on a piano. Unfortunately, many people must contend with crooked teeth, crowded smiles, or poorly aligned bites. However, modern orthodontics make it possible to correct teeth easily. After wearing braces for some time, you will want to show off your perfectly straight teeth. That is why so many people choose laser teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Center after wearing braces. Dublin Vitality Center provides non peroxide laser teeth whitening by qualified dental nurses. This means that they have a full understanding of your orthodontics. They know how the braces are attached and can advise you if there will be marks left by the residing acid etch used to attach the brackets to...
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Aftercare Laser Teeth Whitening

It is important to follow the correct aftercare for laser teeth whitening. At Dublin Vitality Center, professional dental nurses will provide you with written aftercare. Avoid Heavy Staining foods for 24 hours after laser teeth whitening treatment Avoid dark food/drinks or any thing which would stain a white T-shirt After laser teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Center: Choose White Foods Instead: Bread, Potato, Turkey, Chicken, Fish, Cheese, Veg & Fruit Avoid Any Product Containing Chlorahexadine Unless Specified By Your Dentist. After laser teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Center: Maintain by brushing with a whitening product such as Colgate Barcarbonate Toothpaste. laser dot whitening Avoid Smoking for 24 - 48 Hours. How to brush teeth properly and maintain white colour after laser teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Center Will Nicotine Stains be Removed With Laser Teeth Whitening? At Dublin vitality center, our laser teeth whitening system is specially developed for use on Nicotine Stains. Nicotine stains are some of the most...
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