a crown is best teeth whitening Dublin

A crown best teeth whitening Dublin

If you have decided to enhance your smile with prosthetic dentistry such as veneers, a crown, implants, bridge or dentures, laser whitening your teeth in advance is recommended, so that the shade of the veneer, crown, denture or implant will reflect your new whiter teeth.

If you have the crown, bridge, implant, denture or veneer whitened AFTER it has been fitted, it is most likely to be matched to your already stained teeth. Because such cosmetic dental work is expensive to replace, you will be advised to have your teeth laser whitened BEFORE you undergo such coesmetic dental work.

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FAQs – What Happens During Teeth Whitening Dublin

What Happens During Laser Teeth Whitening at Dublin Vitality Center?

To understand what happens during teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Center, it is important to know a little about the process of laser teeth whitening. For the very best laser teeth whitening results, a dental nurse or dentist will apply a non peroxide product t the teeth for a total of 45 minutes. Normally a qualified dental nurse will  provide a consultation before teeth whitening to discuss the shade to be achieved and to let the client know what will happen during teeth whitening. Dublin Vitality Center in Blanchardstown provides teeth whitening treatment which is performed at 2 intervals of 15 minutes or for best teeth whitening results, 3 intervals of 15 minutes.

Some teeth whitening clinics apply the gel and leave it on the teeth for the duration of the treatment. This is called “over gelling” and defeats the purpose of the laser teeth whitening process. The best teeth whitening results will only be achieved if the gel is changed at regular interval during the laser teeth whitening treatment. That is why it is important to book laser teeth whitening by a qualified dental nurse such as that provided by Dublin Vitality Center. A dental nurse understand that the oxidisation process of the gel has a life of 15 – 20 minutes. Therefore applying the gel for longer periods without changing it, makes no sense and certainly will not achieve the best teeth whitening results.

Always ask your teeth whitening clinician what happens during teeth whitening before booking your appointment. That way you can be sure of receiving the very best teeth whitening treatment.


During the teeth whitening process, the active ingredient in the non peroxide based gel removes embedded discolored substances (stains). The structure of the tooth is not changed; only the tooth enamel stain is changed and becomes a lighter and whiter shade.

Will Flourosis (white spots) be more apparent after treatment?
During laser teeth whitening treatment, stains are removed from your teeth. Natural formations in the enamel such as white spots (flourosis) or vertical lines can become more visible as stains are removed from them.

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