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No Damage – teeth whitening dublin

Is Laser Teeth Whitening Safe? It is now possible to whiten teeth with absolutely no pain or sensitivity or damage to teeth. The very best method of Non Peroxide laser teeth whitening  is now available at Dublin Vitality Center in Blanchardstown Village. Non peroxide is the very best way to ensure a whiter smile with no damage, no pain and no sensitivity to your teeth. Non peroxide teeth whitening products are natural and ensure that only the very latest teeth whitening products are used . This is very good news for your teeth as it mean means no sensitivity and no pain . The latest non peroxide laser teeth whitening treatment is provided by dental nurse trained and qualified teeth whitening dublin Vitality Center Blanchardstown. If are using home trays given to you by your dentist, you may experience sensitivity during or after treatment. This is because they contain up to 6% hydrogen...
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Caffeine Stains problem -laser teeth whitening Dublin

Caffeine Stained Teeth (TEA COFFEE COLA) If you enjoy a morning coffee, a tea at lunch time and another refreshing cuppa in the evening, you probably have some level of caffeine staining on your teeth. But thats not all, caffeine stains on your teeth will appear over time through the consumption of tea, coffee, coco cola and even green tea. Caffeine stains on teeth will make your white smile look dull and yellow. The good news is the laser teeth whitening is one of the very best ways to whiten your smile up quickly and effectively and to remove stains on your teeth caused by drinking tea, coffee, coca cola and green tea. Non peroxide laser teeth whitening Dublin is available Vitality Center in Blanchardstown Village. This teeth whitening treatment focus on removing the stains that build up over time through the use of natural non damaging teeth whitening products. This means that...
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