Best Laser teeth Whitening Dublin

     What is the best laser teeth whitening Dublin

Dublin Vitality Center achieves some of  the best laser teeth whitening results in Dublin. Many people say the best method of laser teeth whitening is non peroxide such as that provided by Dublin Vitality Center. For those who have never undergone laser teeth whitening, you may be wondering if you are a suitable candidate and what might be the best teeth whitening solution for you. There is so much information around. Many of it does not really explain what the best laser teeth whitening option might be for you. Firstly it must be understood that there are 2 types of teeth whitening. The first is the type that your dentist will recommend. This consists of trays which you apply to your teeth at night. The dentist will also provide you with 6% hydrogen peroxide or 18% Carbamide Peroxide. Both of these are safe levels of peroxide as specified by EU law. They are very low doses however, and therefore you will need to apply the trays repeatedly as specified by your dentist.

If you are wish to see results immediately and you find that trays are uncomfortable, you will prefer 1 hour laser teeth whitening. This system offers results in 1 hour, uses no peroxide and therefore causes no sensitivity or damage. The best results are seen which the clients teeth have become stained by exposure to foods such as caffeine, tea and red wine. The reason for this is that these items are simply externalised stains make a dull yellow cover over your naturally white teeth. Once the stains are removed, you will achieve your very best teeth whitening colour naturally. Everyone has a different natural shade of enamel. Just like eye colour and hair colour, we cannot change the colour that our teeth are naturally. But we can enhance the whiteness by removing all the stains that have built up over the years. Therefore laser teeth whitening works best with people who have never had it before, have had exposure to dark foods and whose teeth are naturally white (under the stains).

Using cold filtered LED light ,professional Laser Teeth Whitening is the best and only way to achieve maximum whitening in 1 hour. Dublin Vitality Centers 60 minute Laser Teeth Whitening treatment uses professional teeth whitening gel to whiten the teeth. LED laser light technology uses a blue green spectrum of 400 – 500 nanometer intensifies the action by oxidising stain pigment which occur within the pelicle layer of the teeths surface. This is the most effective whitening range possible. It is perfectly safe for teeth and gums and achieves fast effective whitening. The IBrite system is used in professional teeth whitening clinics all over the world and is known to be one of the best laser teeth whitening dublin.
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